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Toy Story 3

Toy Story is a favorite of mine and many others and Toy Story 3 the Game is no different. It really gets you into the action. Here is a review from Amazon you might like:

Customer Review:
Toy Story 3
is a great game for children and adults alike. If you like the Toy Story movie series, you will enjoy this game. My 4 yr old son and I enjoy playing this game for hours, and we have not even gotten into all the areas. I would recommend this for both children and adults with children. I also see they are coming out with DLC on the PSN for it..minigames moderatley priced at $0.99 a piece. Plus when the Move controller is released later this will be patched for even more fun.

I will add more after we play the game more, since was just released yesterday.

I have played many movie based games, and this is by far the best one so far. Especially with all the original Pixar animations and voices from the movie!

Highly Recommended!

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