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NCAA Football 2011

NCAA Football 2011 is yet another top product put out by the sports video game kings Electronic arts. There are many new features in the gameplay that you will appreciate when playing NCAA Football 2011. One of the main ones I have noticed is how the blockers will block the correct people on running plays more than they have in the past and that the pulling guards will get out and just smash people and keep blocking on down the field. Also the receivers in NCAA 2011 will go up and battle for the ball and make a catch over a defender where as this was always much harder to do even if you had a step on the defender.

All in all NCAA Football 2011 is much improved and has some other new features as far as the online game play and Dynasty features aswell as the ones I mentioned above that will make this game another great Sports game to add to your Playstation 3 Collection.

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  1. NCAA Football 11 is out now. I get my rosters from NCAA Football 11 Rosters. Where are you getting yours?