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God of War III

God Of War III is yet another favorite in the 2010 series of Playstation 3 Games released. True to the God of War series roots, the four pillars of game play - brutal combat, intricate puzzles, exploration of awe-inspiring worlds, and a compelling story are all included in this version just like the ones before it.

God of War III is the epic conclusion to the Greek mythological trilogy, which will complete Kratos' story that began in the original title for the PlayStation 2.

God of War III offers new deadly weapons like the Cestus, powerful metal gauntlets with devastating strength, and other brutal instruments of war that open up ruthless new techniques.
The menacing creatures of Greek mythology can now be manipulated against their will, to cross chasms, inflict blind rage against enemies, reveal puzzles and secrets, and as tools of complete annihilation.
God of War III picks up exactly where God of War II left off ? Kratos must take his quest for vengeance to the very stronghold of the Zeus. God of War III is a must have if you are looking for a top notch game for the Playstation 3 Game System.

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