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Gyroxus GSR-71c Full-Motion Video Game Controller for Playstation 3

I was searching for some new Playstation 3 accessories and controllers and I came across this Full-Motion Video Game Controller for Playstation 3. Up until now, there’s been only sit-on-the-couch, twiddle-your-thumbs video gaming, but now there’s Gyroxus Full-Motion gaming - and from here on out, it’s a whole new world! By combining a familiar hand-held game controller with an innovative motion system that uses no motors or power-assist of any kind, Gyroxus takes you into your favorite game as never before. Now all the action is at your complete command. Gyroxus matches everything that’s happening within those racing, sports, flying and combat games with a full-motion interface that brings them all alive. And Gyroxus makes team playing a real sport! And best of all, the only power source is you. The natural, intuitive feel of Gyroxus makes everyone - from first time gamers and returning Pac-Man veterans to the best gamer on the block - a better player. Quicker learning curves, better connection with gaming content and that all important full-motion feel make Gyroxus right for all ages. Features: - Comes with customized game controller. - Comfortable seat with backrest and elevated footrest. - Adjustable seatback and control arm allow you to play in your favorite position. - Sturdy, compact design. - Weighs only 42 lbs. - Plays in 3pfoot by 5-foot space. - Stores in a 2-foot square. - Environmentally friendly. - No energy consumption (except yours). - And, yes, it does burn calories. - Assembles in a few simple steps. - No tools required. - No motors or power cords.

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