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Gran Turismo 5 Released

The Long awaited release of Gran Turismo 5 has finally come. It was released towards the end of November.

Here is an honest customer review of Gran Turismo 5:

-tons of cars (also a bad)
-amazing and cool photo mode (especially for amatuer photogs like myself), it was cool to take cars I used to own and are in the game (and cars I wish I still had) go around to different locations and take cool pictures, export them and its amazing how real life they look.
-many ways to play the game
-good detail, amazing replay mode (or watching mode in Spec B)

-tons of cars, yeah it has 1000 cars but 800 of them are Japanese cars, maybe 30 different models and just different variations and years of those cars! thats fine if you also had tons of American, German, Italian cars the same way... I realize this game was produced in Japan, but give some more hommage to American and European cars already. Its all about Balance!
-Damage, I have heard it gets more realistic as the game progresses and maybe they limited it in early levels because they don't want people spending $10,000 on repairs when a gold only gets you $4,000 cash! I could sort of understand that thinking, but people wanted to see it right away
-Car wash? cool feature but pointless since your car is never dirty, I could race my M Coupe through 10 races and after a wash it looks exactly the same, at least make it look dull and put some dirt on it so the car wash makes it all sparkly again!
-more ways to look at your garage and cars are needed. Give us a free view camera while in the garage so we can see it from all angles, including hte interior that you spent so long making! and how about a garage view of all your cars or at least a section of it with your favorites or something, maybe something you can walk around in like photo mode.
-Car modifications, why can't you put turbos in any car you wish? I can't put a turbo in my M3 or M coupe, why? this is supposed to be a "realistic racing game" well there is nothing stopping you from putting a turbo on one of these cars in real life, just need modifications to do so, and they are all going that way anyway in the next few years. Also no brake modifications? and the power jumps are too small for the prices, $4,000 turbo gets you 10 more horsepower? in real life it would get you 50-60 more horsepower (look at a BMW 328i compared to a 335i), okay enough with BMW, sorry about that, just what I have driven in the game the most.

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